Emma, Fuzzy Logic
Vitesse Talk Is Cheap, RCH (Stuart) x Over the Moon, SRCh VII, SORC (Mooney)
Born 4/7/2005

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Emma is a special whippet.  She was loved and cherished by her first owner.  When that person unexpectedly died, Emma mourned and became physically ill.  When I heard about her owner's death, I thought she would be perfect for my parents.  With some TLC (tender loving care) in the midst of the Wilcox Camp for Wayward Whippets, Emma found her feet again. 

When it came time to give her to my parents, I knew that I would miss the funny little clown whippet, but I know that she is cherished.  Whippets ARE the best medicine.

I didn't get many pictures of my parents with Emma -- she was a little overwhelmed by the return of the Wilcox herd at Christmas.  However, it is obvious to me that she likes her place with her new people (that stay home all day and only seem to have to crate her on Sunday's).