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of HUDI's first LITTER!

 Hudi's first season hit with a vengeance.  She was "hot to trot" placing ads on telephone poles after the males in the house hold failed to meet her needs.  Patience (maker of Fancy Fannies Whippet Panties) sent a warning about those season panties....that they shouldn't be considered a chastity belt.

Well, actions have their consequences.  Now, two months later announcing the arrival of the Hood-It's.


Their Pedigree.....

Pedigree Of Hood-Its
Chuck It Ball Man  
Tennis R Us  
Whodunit WRChXVitesse Talk Is Cheap SRCh  
Over the Moon SRChVII SORC  

 Unfortunately, because of their "non-ped" status, these are available only to pet homes.  We are hoping that these pups will be weaned soon and Hudi will be back to her old self. 

The sire, who I haven't had the courage to banish from the house, does nothing but fling the pups around, causing Hudi extra work, collecting her pups.




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