Steubi, Weabe Doctor Proctor
Vitesse Talks is Cheapx Carnivale Justice
Born 3/18/2010


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I was not planning on getting another dog.  I really didn't want one.  I certainly didn't need one.  It was the same thing that I had said with Mati 4 years ago. A friend bred the litter. I loved the pedigree, as in my mind, it was trying to recreate a Hudi (although with a much taller mother). I tried in vane to have someone take one of htese puppies in our club. When that failed and there was still one available at 4 months of age, I caved, and Steubi came to be with us.

Steubi flew from the PNW to Texas on Americal Airlines. I will never forget opening that crate...out came a bunch of bones and joints (he seemed to be all leg with big joints). Steubi asked to be picked up, and with that we were bonded. I have never bonded so rapidly to a dog before STeubi.

Steubi is loads of fun. He is very sensitive, and certainly the omega of the pack, although he is not a trembling omega. He has always been a bouncy dog...that has translated to an ability to jump from the floor to 4-5 feet without trying. Thankfully, he hasn't tried the fence (yet). He is my near constant companion. He has a habit of hopping onto my lap when I least expect it. Although nothing can replace Charlie, he has begun to fill the hole that Charlie left in my heart.