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Charlie was my 2nd whippet.  He entered our lives at the age of 11 months.  At first (for about 6 weeks), I thought I made a huge mistake.  Darby & Charlie had fights.  Blood spilled on more than one occasion.  However, despite the conflict, Darby seemed happier, & suddenly, the conflict evaporated.  Charlie was my velcro dog.  Having Charlie in the house means never having to go to the bathroom alone. 

Shortly after Charlie entered our lives, I become involved in racing.  Charlie was an enthusiastic participant.  However, Charlie always knew that his job was to worry about me, and he didn't forget that when he is on the track.   On the oval, he'll sometimes made it around, but frequently, the oval distance exceeded the MMD (Maximal Mommy Distance), and he will decide to turn around and come back to me early. 

Charlie was a good dog with a good heart.  He tried at everything he did.  (Especially grabbing food off the counter..

The day that I learned Darby had a terminal cancer, Charlie stopped eating. Becasue we were bound by the heart, I thought he was readin gmy sadness over Darby. Unfortunately, this proved to be the start of symptomatic Babesia. Although this is a treatable tick borne disease, Charlie failed to respond to the antibiotic, and died a mere 3 weeks later, just shy of his 10th birthday. My heart still has a warm, yet very empty space in it left by Charlie. Buddy, I really miss you, but I trust that you are keeping Dad company.