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Vitesse Talk Is Cheap, RCH (Stuart) x Nosey Parker, SRCH, ORC pointed (Nosey) Born 6/22/2004


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Gabi is my second "race bred" whippet.  I fell in love with her via pictures, and I continue to love the pictures she makes.

Gabi is an endearing soul.  She's got a fun, bubbly personality, and a tail that mirrors her emotions.  She is far from the "classic" whippet.   But hey, you don't run on eye make-up (or ears)!!

On the race track, Gabi has proven herself beyond my wildest expectations.  I wanted a dog that would achieve a race championship.  She has done that plus.  She is a multi meet winner.  Pretty good for the first of my whippets to ever even achieve an RCh point.