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Well, today 6/22/2007 was MY BIRTHDAY

 I had Mom take that picture.  Mom didn't forget my birthday, though.  She made me a "cake" and told me that I was a very special girl eating off of real china.  I don't get what was so special about that.  Humans can be WEIRD.


Did you notice?  Mom decorated my  cake with Goobers.  Nice touch if I say so myself.  That's because I am the Goober Girl (or the Girl Goober, either way works).  Now, for some reason, Hudi thought that the peanuts were for her:

If Hudi  had paid any attention, she would realize that her name is spelled H-U-D-I, so OBVIOUSLY, these were for me.  Little siblings, can be such a pain.  Hudi may be fast (at least it looks that way when I decide to let her pass me), but her brain...well, can we say a few of the neurons don't always synapse quite the right way?  Maybe those neurons are just missing!

Anyway, I didn't waste any time eating my cake.  (Mom screwed up this picture, but I think it shows my active side):

After the cake, I knew it was time to PARTY.  I am, after all, 3 years old, and in human years that's 21.  Fully legal in any state of the union.

Mom wouldn't give me the keys.  Something about 21 inches at the shoulder isn't big enough to reach the brake.    Did I mention that humans are just too weird some days? ?

 I decided to head to Buffalo Joe's.  That is located next to Dr. Bob's place, so it ought to be safe, right?

Let me tell you.....after a while, the world was spinning.  I know the world spins, but I don't think we are supposed to FEEL it spin......I guess I shouldn't have tried to show up all those cowboys.....

Mom told me that it would be OK.  That I just needed to take a nap.  Thank goodness I didn't have the keys to the car.

After a while...the world did stop spinning, and I just had this odd headache.

I decided to take Mom's advice and just go to sleep.

Next time, I think I'll just stick to what I know.  Chasing bunnies.  Much safer and doesn't leave one with a headache and dry mouth.  No more sewing oats for me (what DOES that mean....did I mention humans are weird)?  Even though I am one, I don't like the hair of the dog at all (and once again.....what exactly does that have to do with a hangover?).


Remember, if you are going to drink, don't drive, and (I really hate to write this...) sometimes, Mom really does know best.

Until next year --

Gabi, the Girl Goober