Mati, Sheeza Material Witness
Prime Suspect, RCH x Whosyourdaddy, RCh
Born 4/5/2006


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Mati's mom

I was not planning on getting another dog.  I really didn't want one.  I certainly didn't need one.  I had heard all of those stories about "the puppy chose me!"  Well, that's what happened here.  I was initially drawn to Mati when she was born, since she looked most like Gabi.  However, when I took pictures, Mati always came over to me, cuddled in my lap.  Before long, I knew that she was meant to be with me.

For the first couple of months, Mati's littermate has graced our home.  Many of Mati's puppy pictures include PD (Prima Donna), otherwise known as the Great White Streaker.

Mati is assertive, but fun loving.  Sometimes, she reminds me of Gabi (Betty and Gabi are half sisters), but she is definitely her own girl.