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Mati's pictures, through 8/2006

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243_4367 Buba and baby Mati (with another brother in the background) 243_4378 100_4732 Take me, take me!! 100_4882 Mati, stacking (I ain' no show dawg! 100_4885 OK....if you insist 100_4909 Hehehehe 100_5351 I want to go home in this car! 100_5701 Remember, you are going to come back and get me when I 'm older, right? 100_5946 100_5593 The girls:  Foxi, Mati and PD 100_7998 You came to get me! 100_8985 I have arrived!!  HOME with you! 100_9585 I like wearing a collar 100_9623 Do I have to wear the collar? 101_0002 100_2509 PD and Mati I told you sit Hudi gives obedience lessons:  SIT, MATI, I said SIT! 100_4248 Roughage Mati self stack Mati, self stack approx 3.5 months Mati face shot Mati, face shot Mati face shot 2 Mati, showing off her ears (they went THAT way!). It's dry dry dry PD and Mati, surveying the dry domain, summer (August) 2006 in pursuit Girls The girls distract Hudi while Gabi takes fof with the toy 245_4574 Mati and 245_4576 246_4629 Sisters are good for leaning