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I have discovered a crime going on right under my nose...tennis ball slaughter.


At first, I thought I was at fault.  You know...those pesky little things hide in the grass, and the next thing you know -- bing they been nicked as they go through the tractor mower.  I vowed to be more careful.  However, recently, I have discovered a huge number a truly massacred tennis balls....and I know it isn't me, since I haven't had to mow in weeks given the lack of rain.




Today, when I was vacuuming behind the ottoman (I do that without about the frequency that I mow these days ); I discovered a colony that had found safety....

I quickly replaced the ottoman....perhaps, there is still hope for survival of the species.

I fear that my girls are participating in this death bath.  They claim they aren't popping the balls...that they are just using them for stress reduction and gum massage.  Yeah, and gas prices have nothing to do with politics.

  What do you all think I should do???  Should I report them?  Should I have an intervention?  I couldn't find any reference to CATB (crimes against tennis balls) in our city ordinance, but if the girls are not confronted with the consequences of their actions, I see little hope for change.


Worried in Texas...